July 2018 – Renewable energy course for university students in South Africa

The renewable energy course theory was cover during the first day

3D printed small wind turbine blades from the renewable energy lad of the NMU

Carving the chord of the blades

Overview of the renewable energy lab and workshop

Vertical axis wind turbine and posters at the lab

Drawing the magnet template

Overview of the wood work station

Cutting metal pieces for the frame with the angle grinder

Practicing some welding

Moving to the second step of the blades, carving the pitch

Finishing touches at the magnet positioning template

Drawing the drilling the rotor hub

Welding the furling hinge on the yaw pipe

Third step of the blade carving, making the right blade thickness at each station

Welding tail boom stops and brackets

Winding coils with a home made coil winder

Some finished coils on the right and placing magnets on the metal disk on the left

A beautifully drawn and cut tail vane in the shape of a dolphin

Tapping the jacking holes in the metal disk

Soldering coils in a three phase star connection

The complete metal structure with the tail vane attached

Cutting fiberglass for the stator and rotor casting

Completed sets of blades with airfoil profile

Casting a magnet rotor disk in a plywood mould

Casting the stator coils in plywood mould

Releasing the rotor and stator from the moulds

Assembling the rotor blades and hub

Assembling the generator and centering the stator

Assembling the generator by lowering the second magnet rotor disk

Mounting the blades on the generator and balancing

The team! Great work!

Placing the wind turbine on the tower and connecting the transmission cables

The wind turbine on top of the tower, waiting for the wind!

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