An open source software tool for modeling and designing AFPM generators in wind electric systems


OpenAFPM is a modeling tool for designing axial flux permanent magnet generators in wind electric systems.

Providing an easy to use interface, the geometry of an already existing generator can used as an input or a generator that already exists on the HP Wind Turbine recipe book can be chosen for 24V or 48V systems. The software uses the open source FEA software FEMM in order to provide information on the flux linkage of the stator at a variation of different RPM. Results include the terminal voltages of the generator’s three phases under no load and for different RPM and the terminal voltages, line currents and mechanical toque on the shaft under varying RPM. Plotted graphs include the mechanical torque vs line current, the electrical power vs line current and the generator’s efficiency vs current for different RPM. The temperature of the stator is also modeled for rated power.

In addition, the Open AFPM tool provides the user with the ability of designing a generator for a specific set of rotor blades and specific magnet dimensions. Then a design procedure is preformed for the calculation of the geometry of the generator, which will be presented in detailed.

The results of the simulation’s validation, which  has been feasible through a series of experiments at the NTUA lab facilities, will also be presented, together with a live demonstration of the OpenAFPM tool for a range of test cases.