Renewable Energy in High Schools

The school projects consist of two 2-hour workshops with the students, during which the environmental and social issues caused by climate change are analyzed and renewable energy technologies are presented, with the use of presentations, discussions and interactive games. Further on, two 4-hour workshops are organized in the school during which the students construct a 45W polycrystalline solar panel using simple tools and materials. The students have a chance to experience a renewable energy technology with a hands-on approach, while also learning about the photovoltaic phenomenon and the operation of photovoltaic cells. The students assemble the cells in a solar module while working in groups, and once complete they perform basic electrical tests on the module measuring open circuit voltage, current for connection to a battery and calculate power for different inclination angles. In conclusion, a last 4-hour workshop is organized during which the students install the solar module in the school building in order to provide electrical energy for a light-box with a message of their own and also for mobile phone charging.


Solar panel construction with high school students in Athens

In addition, an alternative school program for technical high schools consists of the construction of a 1.2m rotor diameter small wind turbine during a four day workshop in the laboratories of the schools. The students get to practice wood working on the blades, metal work on the turbine frame, coil winding the stator coils and casting polyester resins for the generator parts.


Small wind turbine construction with high school students on the island of Kalymnos