Pico-hydro test rig

Pico-hydro testing facilities at the NTUA

The small hydro testing facility is located at the fluids section of the Mechanical Engineering department of the NTUA. Water from a reservoir can be directed through pipes and gate valves to the pico-hydro testing site with the use of a pump to specify head and flow, and then is returned to the reservoir. Flow and pressure are measured at the entrance of the manifold using a paddle wheel flow meter and a pressure sensor. Different electrical load setups can be arranged such as grid connection, direct battery connection and battery connection with a MPPT DC/DC converter. All electrical data are logged with the use of a power analyzer. A 500W turgo pico-hydroelectric plant has been tested with the use of various axial flux permanent magnet generators, different load setups and various runners, some of them manufactured with 3D printing technologies.