December 2018 – Renewable energy course with the Indian National Institute of Wind Energy

The renewable energy course was co-organized by Wind Empowerment members and the Indian National Institute of Wind Energy

Carving wooden blades using a draw knife

Carving more wooden blades using a draw knife

Assembling the rotor blades and hub

Making sure blades are 120 degrees apart

Mounting weights to balance the rotors

Winding coils with a home made coil winder

Reassembling the coil winder

Measuring the right dimensions for the rotor mould island

Soldering coils in a three phase star connection

Placing magnets and checking the right polarities of the disks

Casting a magnet rotor disk in a plywood mould

Pouring resin on a magnet rotor disk inside a plywood mould

The stator getting ready to come out of the mould

Cutting metal pieces for the frame with the angle grinder

Practicing some welding

Setting up the welding for the furling hinge on the yaw pipe

Assembling the generator

Lowering the second rotor of the generator

Painting the metal frame

Preparing the tail vane with the image of Ganesha

Mounting the wind turbine on the tower and connecting with the transmission cable

Erecting the wind turbine on a locally manufactured wooden lattice tower

The amazing team of students, Wind Empowerment trainers and NIWE staff! Great work!

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