November 2017 – Rural electrification project in Nepal using locally manufactured wind turbines

The workshops of Kathmandu University

Viśwákarma, protector of engineers, artisans and architects!

Introductory session on small wind turbines

Marking the blade chord using a template

Making the coil winder

Using the workshop machinery to cut the chord and save some time

Drawing the moulds on plywood

Making the twist of the blades

Making a magnet rotor mould

Welding takes practice

A coil placed on top of the magnet positioning jig showing the way magnets pass over coils

Winding coils

Cutting metal pieces for the metal work

Assembling the stator mould

Making the thickness of the blade

Finishing touches to the magnet positioning jig

Each team explains what they did during the day

Making the thread for the jacking rods

Making the rotor hub

Making a whole in the metal frame to place the bearing hub axle

Marking screw whole in the rotor hub

Placing ferrite magnets on the disk

Soldering the coils together in star connection

The metal frame with the yaw pipe and bearing hub

Cutting the tips of the finished blades to make them all the same length

Some stainless steel wire rope around the magnets to make sure they stay in place

Waxing the moulds in preparation for casting with resin

The two magnet rotors in the moulds

Filling up the moulds with resin

The stator coils in the mould

Pouring resin in the stator coils

After all the resin is in, one extra layer of fiber glass at the top

Assembly of the rotor blades

Taking the magnet rotors out of the moulds

Screwing the hub on the blades

Final welds of the tail furling system

Assembly of the generator

Lowering the outer magnet rotor

Mounting the tail vane on the boom

The wind turbine assembled in the workshop

The group that made it all happen!


The turbine was then installed in the rural community of Mityal

Carrying batteries with the motorbike

Mixing concrete

Anchors in place

Transporting concrete

Laying underground cables

Tower base and cable connections

The wind turbine on the tower overlooking the village and ready for erection

Lifting the tower

The 2.4m Ferrite Wind Turbine on the tower

The solar panels overlooking the Himalayan mountain ranges

The electrical system board

Lights in the VDC office

Refrigerator and lights in the health post

Women’s meeting in the health post

A small ceremony after the installation of the system

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