‘Construction of a small wind turbine and simulation of its interconnection to a microgrid for rural electrification’


The scope of this thesis is the construction of a small wind turbine and the study of its ability to meet the electricity needs of a small clinic at a rural region of the developing world. As the extra loads of a small village community around the clinic are added to the existing loads of the clinic, various scenarios are studied so as to meet the energy demand via an autonomous hybrid microgrid which consists of locally manufactured small wind turbine, a photovoltaic generator, batteries and a diesel generator. The microgrid installed at the Electrical Energy Systems Laboratory at NTUA is used for the needs of this study. A system of communication among the inverters, a computer and a programmable logic controller is developed which makes possible the application of a load curtailment method, based on the state of charge of batteries, when the stored energy in the battery bank is not sufficient for the independent operation of all loads for a desired time.

Keywords: small wind turbine, clinic, developing world, microgrid, inverter communication, photovoltaic, battery state of charge, load curtailment method

Author: Kyriakos Pantziris

Responsible PhD: Kostas Latoufis / latoufis@power.ece.ntua.gr

Supervising Professor: Nikos Hatziargyriou / nh@power.ece.ntua.gr

PDF: Full version (Greek) and Short version (English)

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